Monday, March 25, 2013

Wild Lilies by Blackbird Designs or finally crafty post

hello blog!
I am finally here with crafty stitching post. 
I am working on this design, but it goes very slow. I know I have to stitch it as fast as I can, because its traveling pattern. So its basically like this - you get pattern, stitch it as fast as you can and them sent to someone else! Pretty much like that. Going to make another post about that when I finish stitch it.
So i broke the rules (ha not really), I just had no time to stitch it fast, because of moving to new house and stuff, but now I'm actually going to sit down and stitch it as soon as I can.
So here is process up to date (don't throw tomatoes at me, I know its not much):

I picked up threads myself, they not even branded, they are just cheap Chinese floss. Fabric is 32 count Belfast Linen Vintage Country Mocha. So I better back on stitching now.
See you very soon,

Froggy xxx


  1. Хоть и немного, но очень красиво! Твои зеленые листочки мне нравятся гораздо больше, чем оригинал :).

    1. Spasibo bolsoje Airin! Nadejus skoro zakoncyt, i togda budu rozygrivat sxemu etogo dizaina, tak cto zdu v gosty!


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