Sunday, March 24, 2013

♥ Sunday Breakfast ♥

Good day to you all!
I love Sundays, I thinks they are the best days in all week, so nice, cozy and relaxing, thus I am still doing loads of housework on Sundays.
Today I woke up, went downstairs with my Little man, cook him nice French Toasties breakfast. And while he was eating I created a nice breakfast for my self...
Ta-dah... My lovely Sunday Breakfast...
It includes:
* Black coffee
* Mushrooms
* Tomatoes
* Medium Egg
* Mix of salad leaves
* Mexican Honey & Mustard Sauce

It was absolutely delicious, and healthy too! I used extra virgin olive oil to fry everything (really tiny amount of it).
Hope everyone having nice Sunday, we sure are! Going to play loads of games with my little one, go for walk and watch some cartoonies too!
Enjoy you Sunday!

Froggy xxx

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