Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vintage Corsage Brooch

Finished my lovely crochet brooch. So happy with result, it looks soooo vintagey! :) pattern is from Raverly, if you like, you can find it here.
I used Puppets crochet cotton thread and crochet hook Nr. 1,5 mm.
Here is front:
And back:

We having great Easter, hope you too!

Froggy xxx

♥ Easter Post ♥

Want to wish everyone happy and joyful,
warm and cozy, brightful and amazing,
sparkling and magic Easter!
Happy Easter my dear readers and guests!

Always yours,

Froggy xxx

Friday, March 29, 2013

Slimming marathon Friday weight update ♥

Hello blog! 
Its Friday  so guess what I did first (oh maybe nearly first) thing in the morning? Went to the bathroom and weighted myself!
So I have very good news - I am doing very well with my weight loss this week. The last weight was 147 lbs, and I wasn't very happy with it! But... today's one is...TA-DAH...!!!
happy happy days!
I am on the right path!

Progress: - 2,6 lbs
Favorite food of the week: Avocado sandwiches
Exercise: Walking, walking, walking

Start weight: 157,6 lbs
Weight now: 144,4 lbs
Total weight loss: 13,2 lbs
Weight need to lose to reach the goal: 11 lbs

So this is my update up to date :)

Hope everyone doing very well, I sure am!
See you very soon,
Always yours,

Froggy xxx

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey update ♥

Hello hello!
Just decided today to make a collage how I changed when I lost some weight. I look and feel completely different person, happier and healthier! Hope that will inspire someone!

Loads of love,

Froggy xxx

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Evening Snack

Hello blog! 
Had very busy day today, was walking loads. Went to my Weight Watchers meeting, did very well there. I thought I totally failed, because I had very hard week, but I still lost 1 pound, which is brilliant. Only 11 pounds left to my goal, so happy happy days! I definitely be fit by May!
So this evening post is about evening snack. I came home kinda hungry, but wanted to eat something healthy and easy to cook and also nice to taste. So this how my lovely healthy evening snack was born.
 ♥ Lovely healthy evening snack by Alina
* Light Cottage Cheese (around 100 g)
* one Mandarin
* one Kiwi
* a bit of honey
And as a drink - Pure Green Tea
Hope someone will find this recipe inspirational and useful.
Have a good night,
See you soon,

Froggy xxx

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mini Pizzas for Cillian ♥

Had great day today, and made my little Cillian apple pancakes and mini pizzas. Was so fun to make them pizzas! Here some pictures tom prove it:
lovely recipe from lovely book
waiting for them to cook
few more minutes
They done! Love this little happy smiley face!
Yummy mini pizzas
Hope everyone had enjoyable day too!

Froggy xxx

Wild Lilies by Blackbird Designs or finally crafty post

hello blog!
I am finally here with crafty stitching post. 
I am working on this design, but it goes very slow. I know I have to stitch it as fast as I can, because its traveling pattern. So its basically like this - you get pattern, stitch it as fast as you can and them sent to someone else! Pretty much like that. Going to make another post about that when I finish stitch it.
So i broke the rules (ha not really), I just had no time to stitch it fast, because of moving to new house and stuff, but now I'm actually going to sit down and stitch it as soon as I can.
So here is process up to date (don't throw tomatoes at me, I know its not much):

I picked up threads myself, they not even branded, they are just cheap Chinese floss. Fabric is 32 count Belfast Linen Vintage Country Mocha. So I better back on stitching now.
See you very soon,

Froggy xxx

Sunday, March 24, 2013

♥ Sunday Breakfast ♥

Good day to you all!
I love Sundays, I thinks they are the best days in all week, so nice, cozy and relaxing, thus I am still doing loads of housework on Sundays.
Today I woke up, went downstairs with my Little man, cook him nice French Toasties breakfast. And while he was eating I created a nice breakfast for my self...
Ta-dah... My lovely Sunday Breakfast...
It includes:
* Black coffee
* Mushrooms
* Tomatoes
* Medium Egg
* Mix of salad leaves
* Mexican Honey & Mustard Sauce

It was absolutely delicious, and healthy too! I used extra virgin olive oil to fry everything (really tiny amount of it).
Hope everyone having nice Sunday, we sure are! Going to play loads of games with my little one, go for walk and watch some cartoonies too!
Enjoy you Sunday!

Froggy xxx

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Quick Slimming marathon update

This week wasn't really great in my weight loss journey! My weight stayed pretty same as the last update - around 147 pounds. I wasn't taking any pictures, because I was very disappointed with myself! Oh well, hopefully next week be better! I know, I can do it! 
See you very soon,

Froggy xxx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to make bowl or holder for yarn...

Hello hello!
Todays post will be about how to make holder for yarn without any hassle. Idea is not my own, found it on internet somewhere (but there it was with bowl and larger clip, and also big ball of wool).
So here it is, my very own yarn holder..Ta-Dah!

Supplies you will need:

* paper clip (you can get them anywhere, mine is from Pound shop)
* Coffee cup, plastic bowl or any other thing that you would
like to fit your yarn into

What to do:
Clip you paper clip on the edge of your chosen object, and
Voila you have your very own, cool yarn holder!

And when you are finished, you just put your project and crochet 
hook back to cup!
How convenient is that? :)

Hope this tutorial was helpful, would like to see your comments about it!

Froggy xxx

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

♥ Hello hello...well well well...I am back! ♥

Hello blog and my dear readers! 
I am finally back to blogging life, since we have internet now! Happy days! Now we officially moved to new house and it is bloody lovely! I love every bit of it. Still few things need to be done to it, few bags to be unpacked, but pretty much it is livable space now. Pictures coming soon, i promise! :)
Moreover, i was doing very good with my weight loss journey! So this post will be about that too :)
Last weight was 148,8 lbs.
And the new one is....ta-dah!

Progress: -2,5 lbs
Favorite food of the week: Apples and WW nacho cheese tortillas
Exercise: Walking (loads)

Also I sent my Easter Swap to America, so hopefully it will reach it in time!
So basically these are the news, more things of course are going on, I just too tired today to type on more, but I will be back very soon!
And what more to add - I am on holidays next week! So plenty of time to spring cleaning, gardening, crafting, working on my embroidery brief and sorting out my studio!!!

Froggy xxx

Sunday, March 10, 2013

♥ New home ♥

Last night was the last night in our old house! We finally did it! Nearly I mean, just few more things left and we are officially moved!
Our new house is lovely, my boyfriend did amazing work! My father helped him too! And my dear mother helped me to mind Cillian!
So we wont have internet for a while, so I wont be blogging as such! And more amazing news are - I will finally have my own super duper studio! Where I be able to craft, think, relax, sew, crochet, paint, tat, draw and create amazing masterpieces! :)

So see you all as soon as I can!

Very happy Frog xxx

P.S. Happy Mothers Day dear mothers!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women Day and Slimming Marathon update

Happy Women Day dear Ladies!
Wish you loads of love and happiness!

And my usual Friday update: last weight was 149,9 lbs.
Today's weight is...

Progress: - 1,1 lbs
Favorite food of the week: Chia seeds energy drink
Exercise: Press ups everyday (my usual 100 plus few more)

Hope everyone doing well and is happy!
By the way we moving to the new house over weekend (yay),
so I probably wont be blogging for a while,
no internet yet in the new house! :(
Anyways, see you soon as possible!

Froggy xxx

Monday, March 4, 2013


Current process I am working on...

Froggy xxx

Sunday, March 3, 2013

♥ What for Breakfast today? ♥

 Hello blog and my dear readers! 
I am in the healthy mood today again and as you see from name of the post it is going to be about breakfast.
What I usually eat for breakfast? Good question!
First of all I am trying to never skip breakfast! It is rule number one for me!
First I always have black coffee for breakfast (no sugar or its substitutes and no milk).
Then I have yogurt with granola or omelet with spinach, or porridge with honey or something else, depends what mood i get up with!)
So today's breakfast is....ta-dah.....
Healthy morning breakfast option by Alina
  • glass  of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
  • fresh cucumber
  • wholemeal crisp roll with fish pate and rocket leaves
  • boiled egg with sprinkles of pepper, sea salt and paprika
  • vitamins (I take A,C, E and selenium)
Also while eggs was boiling me and Cillian were playing with his amazing train track set (if you wondering where it is from - IKEA).

By the I doing really little of handmade stuff, I am really sorry for that, and slowly but surely I am working (finishing) few bits and bobs and mite show you something very soon!
Moreover I probably wont have internet for a while when we move to new house (it is going to happen very soon - next week I'd say), so I'll try to do my weight journey updates, posts and stuff somehow, but not promising anything!
Hope everyone doing very well,
sorry for such a long post!

Froggy xxx

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sharing news and Slimming Marathon update

Hey hey! Sorry for dirty mirror,
 I using bathroom we rarely use,
only me sometimes to do updates on my weight,
 cause scales are here! ;)
                          Hello blog! 
Sorry wasn't blogging for a week again, so many things happened  happening and will happen! :) Was busy in college, then my little Cillian got sick, so had to stay home with him for few days. We got ear infection, ouch! Then I have amazing news - WE GOT HOUSE. Ours house with 3 bedrooms and a nice garden, and we moving very soon, in few days I'd say. I can not wait, even that it is going to be a pain in some place to move, but at least we have our place and space in the end. And lovely garden, where I can grow some veggies, get a dog and where my little mouse can play all day long! So happy happy days!
Now on another news - my slimming marathon journey. Its going well I'd say, very well. I feel much healthier, happier and also my skin started to glow from inside out!!!
So here is my update up to date }}}
last weight was 151,6 lbs.

Progress: - 1,7 lbs
Favorite food of the week: Greek yogurt with homemade granola
(recipe here.)
Exercise: Walking and loads of sit ups (doing more than 100 now)

Hope everyone doing well,
its spring time!

Froggy xxx


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