Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Evening Snack

Hello blog! 
Had very busy day today, was walking loads. Went to my Weight Watchers meeting, did very well there. I thought I totally failed, because I had very hard week, but I still lost 1 pound, which is brilliant. Only 11 pounds left to my goal, so happy happy days! I definitely be fit by May!
So this evening post is about evening snack. I came home kinda hungry, but wanted to eat something healthy and easy to cook and also nice to taste. So this how my lovely healthy evening snack was born.
 ♥ Lovely healthy evening snack by Alina
* Light Cottage Cheese (around 100 g)
* one Mandarin
* one Kiwi
* a bit of honey
And as a drink - Pure Green Tea
Hope someone will find this recipe inspirational and useful.
Have a good night,
See you soon,

Froggy xxx

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