Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SAL Honey Avanta by Marina Satt - Part 4 & 5

Finished few days ago, but had no time to show, so busy busy all the time! And here we go, my part 4 and 5. Love how lilt bees are flying! Sweet!

Happy stiching everyone,

Froggy XXX

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SAL Honey Avanta by Marina Satt - Part 3

After second part, quickly finished Part 3, and heres more to come! Still, I am terribly late!

I really would love to find more time than 24 hours!

Happy stitching,


SAL Honey Avanta by Marina Satt - Part 2

Finished my second part of Marina's SAL. Was so much pleasure to do roses, fun fun in every stich! Also finally learned how to do french knots properly, joy!

Gone again to do more work,

See ya soon,


Monday, November 22, 2010

SAL Honey Avanta by Marina Satt - Part 1

Finally finished first part of Marina's SAL, more to come, im terrible late! :(

Gone to do more parts,


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shoes for Zi

Zi got litl parcel today, and guess, what was inside?
Nice black shoes fro her! She sooo happy now, and here her in new shoes:

And shoes have litl black rose on the top:

By the way, thinkin to get more BJD's, but its so hard choice, cause too many of them to choose from. Well, see what happens. Zi is definatelly not my last one BJD :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clothes for Zi

Made some clothes for my BJD doll Zi. I liked them on her, and definatelly be making more! :L)

Heres litl black skirt and purple top:

More of top:

Zi showing her nice black skirt, she like it very much:

Litl Bactus i made for Zi, was so much fun in making, cause its so small :))):

And for desert heres Elf hat, i think its just right for Zi:

Thanks for coming and spending your time in my blog, you always welcome!

As always,

Your Froggy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let me introduce you. . . Zi

Finally! Let me introduce you my first BJD doll - Zi. She has strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and her height is 58 cm. Im so happy to have her, she is the most pretiest doll I've ever had (and i have lots of different dolls in my collection).

Name: ♥Angel of Dream ♥ Zi Yuan SD
Brand/Maker: Angel of Dream
Skintone and Resin Type: White skin
Height: 1/3 BJD (58 cm)

Here she is, my Zi:

And here she is wearing necklace I made:

Lovely litl hat, that arrived with her:

Zi doesnt have much clothes, so Im gona make her few clothes (yes! cant wait!!!)

So hope you like my doll, think clothes making is going to be my new hobby now, apart from stitching :)
And in conclusion I want to say big ThanK YoU to Kotenka, for inspiration and help!
Her lovely BJD dolls you can see in her blog here.

As always,
Happy stitching everybody,
Always your FRoggy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gingham Hearts. . . or how i started to prepare for Christmas

Finally started to prepare for Christmas and made them lovely hearts! Was absolute pleasure to make them. Easy, fast and lovely! Simples! Sorry, pictures not with Xmas tree, too early for that.

Lovely White Heart:

And lovely Red Heart:

Cant wait to put them on Xmas tree!!!

Happy stitching everyone,

Your Froggy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tree of life...finished

Finally found time to show you my finished Tree of Life! Like it very much! Picked up threads miself, and happy with results.
Sorry for quality of pictures, its very dark today, and raining all day! :(

Heres close ups:

Design: Tree of life from Historical Sampler Company
Fabric: 32 count Murano in Beige
Threads: Anchor (picked up by myself)
Stitched by: Froggy

Happy stitching,


Monday, November 1, 2010

Presents for myself... or how my 'hamster' preparing for winter :)

Just got big packet from Sewandso! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Dat gonna keep me busy on long winter nights! Nothing could be better than hot cup of tea and cross stitching when cold and dark outside!

Polperro from DMC:

Bee Hive from DMC (mmm... HONEY!):

Cottage Garden from DMC (always wanted to stitch a cottage, and this one looks like my grannies):

And two kits from Dimensions, The Petites Gold Collection

Seashell Treasures:

And Beacon at Rocky Point:

Also my 'hamster' was dying for peace of Lavender 32 count Murano and fabric colors (going to multicolor threads myself, yay!), so had to order these too, to make litl greedy 'hamster' happy:

So my Hamster is jumping like Snoopy from happiness!!! :)))

As always, happy stitching,

Your Froggy


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