Monday, November 1, 2010

Presents for myself... or how my 'hamster' preparing for winter :)

Just got big packet from Sewandso! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Dat gonna keep me busy on long winter nights! Nothing could be better than hot cup of tea and cross stitching when cold and dark outside!

Polperro from DMC:

Bee Hive from DMC (mmm... HONEY!):

Cottage Garden from DMC (always wanted to stitch a cottage, and this one looks like my grannies):

And two kits from Dimensions, The Petites Gold Collection

Seashell Treasures:

And Beacon at Rocky Point:

Also my 'hamster' was dying for peace of Lavender 32 count Murano and fabric colors (going to multicolor threads myself, yay!), so had to order these too, to make litl greedy 'hamster' happy:

So my Hamster is jumping like Snoopy from happiness!!! :)))

As always, happy stitching,

Your Froggy


  1. Ох, Алина! Это просто удар в печень моему грызуну!
    Столько "бохаства" на одном квадратном метре, это же какой сегодня у твоего хомячка праздник!)))))

  2. Da u mojego xomiaka prosto serdecnij pristup cut ne slucilsia kogda posilku polucila! :) Dolgo deniushky xomiak kopil i nakonec-to zapasy na zimu sdelany! :)

  3. Мой хомяк в обмороке,это ж сколько богатьства!!!поздравляю!


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