Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let me introduce you. . . Zi

Finally! Let me introduce you my first BJD doll - Zi. She has strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and her height is 58 cm. Im so happy to have her, she is the most pretiest doll I've ever had (and i have lots of different dolls in my collection).

Name: ♥Angel of Dream ♥ Zi Yuan SD
Brand/Maker: Angel of Dream
Skintone and Resin Type: White skin
Height: 1/3 BJD (58 cm)

Here she is, my Zi:

And here she is wearing necklace I made:

Lovely litl hat, that arrived with her:

Zi doesnt have much clothes, so Im gona make her few clothes (yes! cant wait!!!)

So hope you like my doll, think clothes making is going to be my new hobby now, apart from stitching :)
And in conclusion I want to say big ThanK YoU to Kotenka, for inspiration and help!
Her lovely BJD dolls you can see in her blog here.

As always,
Happy stitching everybody,
Always your FRoggy!


  1. поздравляю с радостью! ну и глазища у нее!!!!

  2. Spasibo! Radost deistvitelno ocen bolsaja!!!

  3. Кукла очень нравится! Красавица!)))

  4. Spasibki, mne toz ocen ocen! Kak govoritsia, sbylas mecta idiota! :)))

  5. Какая очаровательная девочка)) поздравляю с покупкой!!!

  6. Spasibo, pobezala odezku viazat!" :)

  7. Кукла красавица,поздравляю!!!

  8. Spasibo! Nadejus ona ne posledniaja v mojej kollekciji! :)


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