Monday, January 31, 2011

Lacy Spring MIttens

I love crochet! Really do! Its so easy, and result is always very nice. Made them lovely spring green fingerless mitts just in 2 evenings! Weather is really springy outside so cant wait to wear them! :)

Patern is from Crochet Me website, loads of lovely stuff there. check it out if you like crochet!

As always,

Your Froggy XXX

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Candy Cane

Did my first skein of wool! Its 2-ply 100% Merino wool in red&white. I named it Candy Cane, yum! :) One skein is aproximately 42 yards (38 meters). Happy with the result!

Froggy XXX

P.S. More yarn is in spinning process :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miss Mary Mack and Antique Scissors/First handspun Yarn

Postman brought me litl envelope today. And inside was Miss Mary Mack chart and antique scissors, which I ordered from Anita's Little Stitches. Happy Happy Joy Joy! :)

P.S. And ye, want to share my first handspun 2-ply merino yarn in red&white. Brilliant! :)

Froggy XXX

Thank you for visiting, come again!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My new hobby - spinning

Finally!!! Its time to announce my new hobby! Yes, like you can see from name of this post its - spinning. No, its nothing similar with fishing :), its wool spinning. :)
Wanted to try it for so long, and finally Im doing it! Always was dreaming about wool, that spinned by myself!
Got loads of merino wool from Ebay and Etsy, also got few spindles (the thing you spin wool with), one of them my father made me (YAY!) :); got nostepinde (center pull ball winder), and of corse got Niddy Noddy (the thing to make skein of wool). Im so happy!
Want to share with you my first spinned wool (its 100% Merino wool) and its lovelngly Red :)

And close up (not bad for the first spun, huh?):

More stuff are coming,

Keep on busy crafting,

Froggy XXX

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Got Awarded

Just found out that I got awarded by Natali! Thanx a lot, sooo happy! you just made my day! :))) Natali's lovely blog you can check out here.

Wooohooo I love Awards! :)

Froggy XXX

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Limy Crochet Hook Case

Yesterday I got 'Crochet' magazine, from the makers of 'Simply Knitting'. It Was 15 Euro!!!, but was worth every cent. It has 68 lovely projects, and when I saw this litl crochet hook case, I made it straight away! Love it, its so small and handy. Instead of suggested purple, I picked Limy green. (froggly green :)
This is how it opens:
And my Froggy is in love with this case, she thinking to make it her lilt house :)))

Also in this post I would like to share this lovely pattern with you, my dear readers and guests:

Hook case base
***Make 4ch using 3,5 mm hook, 4th C and join with ss to form a ring.
Round 1 1ch, 9dc into ring, ss ro 1st ch made.
Round 2 1ch, (2dc into next dc, 1dc into next dc) 4 times, 2dc into next dc, ss to 1st ch made [14 sts]
Round 3 1ch, 1dc into each dc to end, ss to 1st ch made.
Round 4 1ch, (2dc into next dc, 1dc into next dc) 7 times, ss to 1st ch made. [21 sts]
Round 5 As round 3
Round 6 1st, 2dc into each dc to end, ss to 1st ch made [42 sts]
Round 7 1ch, 1dc into each dc to end, ss to 1st ch made.***
Repeat round 7 until piece measures 10cm.
Fasten off.

Work as for base from ***to***
Repeat round 7 until piece measures 5.5cm, then continue as follows:
Next round: 1ch, 91dc into each of next 2dc, 2dc into next dc) 14 times, ss to 1st ch made. [56sts]
Next round: 1ch, 1dc into each dc to end, ss to 1st ch made.

6ch, ss to 1st dc in round, turn.
Work 10dc into loop, join to lid with ss.
Fasten off.

Make up
Darn ends in.
Fit lid over openning of base with a 1.5cm overlap. Find the point opposite to the loop and stitch the lid to the base working 3cm of stitching either side of centre back point.
Sew a button of your choice to the base where the loop lies.

Happy crafting everyone,

Froggy XXX

Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Pullip Doll named Froggy

What girl with a nickname Froggy could get? Yes, a frog doll! :) When i saw this litl cute dool, i couldnt resit not to get her. She is really small and cute!
Her lovely face:
And the name on the box says 'froggy': :)

What can i say? :)

Your Froggy :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bag for sale

Selling this lovely bag. Price is 25 Euro. I can ship everywhere.
To buy this bag, visit my Etsy shop here.

Thanx for visiting,

Froggy XXX

Vest for Cillian

Made this litl warm vest for my litl boy! He likes it very much! :)

Socks are on the way, and thinking to back cross stitching, few designs on the horison. And ye, my new hobby is on the way! :)

Keep crafting,

Froggy XXX

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pouch and necklace

This lovely black & peach complect I made for one of the girls of my crochet club. But its a secret to who :) Thinking to give it to that girl, who suggests best name for our Crochet club.
Pouch (or even cosmetic bag):

More stuff is coming. :) And still cant wait to share my new hobby with you. :) But.. shhhhhhh...its still a secret :))

Always your Froggy XXX

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scarf for Cillian

Made this litl scarf for my son Cillian! It will keep him cozy and warm. And by the way, hes 4 months old already! :)

Have more stuff to show soon, keep on visiting my blog :)
And I found new hobby, waiting for supplies to arrive. Gona share soon, its a suprise :)

Froggy XXX
P.S. And heres Cillian, happy out with new scarf! :}

Thursday, January 6, 2011


When i saw this candy at Owls Fairy Tales blog I thought to myself 'I really want to win it!!! Hopelly I will win it, cause this candy is soooo sweet! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pearls & Rosebuds pincusion/scissors fob

Made this litl scissors fob for my Stork scissors. Like it very much! Always wanted to make a fob for my scissors and finally I did it!
Got this free design from Drawn Thread here.

Design: The Drawn Thread
Fabric: 28 count Jobelan English Rose
Threads: Mixed (Anchor and unknown)
Beads: Gutterman
Stitched by: Froggy | WWF Tiger | Adopt a tiger

Help them animals to survive! | WWF Tiger | Adopt a tiger

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Roll it up & go crochet hook case

Made this case for my crochet hooks. Absolutely love ut, its sooo handy! And all my hooks are in one place! Used the pattern that i shared here.
I used black & red colors (wools are Robin double knit), and crochet hook Nr. 3.

Froggy XXX


Made this necklace on the first day of New Year! Like it very much! Its so simple and same time so beautiful! Pattern is from Crochet Me site, and you can find it here.
Happy New year everybody,

Froggy XXX


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