Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm back...

Hello hello hello!
Its been ages since my last post, sorry for that. I've been doing well - raising my babies, enjoyinf life and motherhood and also doing some tatting, teaching crochet and just being happy with myself!
Try to post more stuff here from now on, maybe from January my blog be back to life!

Froggy xxx

Monday, May 26, 2014

My tatting goodies and GR-8 shuttles...

Just wanted to make post about stuff for tatting I got recently!

Crafty Crocodile from Clover
So handy size to keep my recent project in!


My favorite shuttles ever! They are the best to tat with!
One is cream resin and another one is olive wood.
The are GR-8 shuttle, and I cant wait to get more of them
for my collection.
Place to get them is here:

Perfect couple

My shuttle collection

Range of Jewellery Im working on, planning to sell it on the
local market! Really excited about that!

That's all for now,
gone to collect my little man from creche!

Keep crafty,

Froggy xxx

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tatting Exchange May 2014

Got my tatting exchange packet last week! Happy days! My partner was Aurora Lozada from Spain! Her tatting is fantastic, so neat! Also got RTOR ring, which i cant wait to try, lovely onyx beads and cream viscose thread! Will definitely participate in more exchanges!

Be back soon,
busy with kids and tatting,

Froggy xxx

Monday, May 12, 2014

Row 6 finished...

Just a quick post about tatting! Finished row 6 on my Spring Doily!


Froggy xxx

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Round 5 finished!

Finished Round 5 this morning on my Renulek Spring Doily! Really like it! 

Off to do Round 6,

Froggy xxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Doily update

Just finished my Round 4 on Renulek's Spring Doily!
 Like it very much!

Froggy xxx

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whait I'm tatting or welcome back to blog post...

Hello hello, I'm back!
Was long time since my last post! Sorry was so busy with my little one, promise I'm slowly but surely be back to blog life!
From craft side, I'm obsessed with tatting!!! Its all i do when i have a bit of spare time! Also planning to do loads of tatting, and new jewellery line is om my mind! ;)
But by now I want to share my Renulek Spring doily! I'm only on round 3. actually 4, third one was just finished! Pattern is from Renulek blog. She actually started Summer doily already, so can't wait to finish Spring one and start Summer one!

Be back very soon with more stuff to share,


Froggy xxx

Friday, February 7, 2014

My precious kids...Cillian and Scarlett..

My happiness and joy, love them to bits!
I am the happiest mum in the world, feel so blessed!!!

Froggy xxx

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hey-lo and Sleep In Rollers review...

Hello peoples!
I'm back again to blog life! Was so busy with my little ones lately! Hands full all the time.. :) 

So I'm back with Sleep In Rollers review! Got them recently from Ebay, but you can get them from
You get two packs of ten in reusable hot leopard pink drawstring bag! I also got bag of bobby pins and DVD in my kit!

Rollers on, looks like funny housewife! :)

Just took them off!
Hair brushed!

Verdict is: I love them! 
They are easy to put on, more comfy to sleep with, than usual rollers and you get perfect blow-dry looking locks with minimum effort!
Stay Stylish! 
I be back soon with more stuff and maybe some pictures 
of kids!

Loads of love,
Froggy xxx

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Belly bandit, or how to lose your postpartum belly fast!

Hello there,
I am back with great news! :) Want to share amazing thing with you all, my dear readers! 
Today is 2 weeks since I had my baby girl! happy days! She is doing fine, and I am doing fine too. My belly nearly gone! How? would you ask me? 
BELLY BANDIT!!! I got mine here: and I actually got size M, and was using it for 5 days, cause my belly shrink back, and I had to go to Mothercare and get one in size S. I am so happy with the results and would highly recommend this product to all new mothers!!!
So here is my results:
41 week
85 kg
Belly size 111 cm
2 weeks postpartum
77 kg
Belly size 90 cm
I am happy mommy! :)
So I used this Belly bandit in size M for 5 days:
 And this one is in use now (in size S):

So hope this post will help someone!
Happy Belly Banditing! ;)

Froggy xxx

P.S. Be back soon with Sleep-In-Rollers review, so see
you soon! x


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