Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day of the Dead Crochet Skull

Hey everyone! Hope everyone doing well! Im doing well too :))
Helloween is very soon, so was thinking what to make. And then remembered this lovely pattern, which I found on Raverly. Quick, easy and fun! And skulls! :)) Like, like, like,triple like!
Pattern could be found here.

As well I started another pair of socks, (socks,YAY!!) :)
Have to go back on cross stitching somehow, I WILL, I promise!!! :P
Happy Crafting Everyone!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hermione's Magic Socks

Hello Hello!
Autums is here, raining outside, bleh bleh! And what I love to do when is like that? Of course KINITING SOCKS!!!
First of all I have to say that I LOVE HARRY POTTER and all this magic crap, or you wont get the point why I make them socks. And yea, when I was looking for pattern to make nice pair of socks for cold autumn, I recently saw this name - HERMIONE'S EVERYDAY SOCKS!! Wow, my heart stopped for few seconds and next thing I was printing the pattern and getting my knitting needles and wool ready. Wool is from Dublin's wool shop (hope ithas bit of magic inside, cause Dublin is magic city,me thinks :)) You think thats all? No! I made another pair straight away after I finished first! :) Wool is very strange color (yuk color if you know what I mean),but is perfect for magic socks!
So heres my lovely magic socks (made with pure love and pure magic,thee heeee :)))

Pattern is from Raverly, and if you like it,you can find it here.
Oh yea, needles I used for them socks are size 2.
So thats all really for now, became kinda lazy with crafting (still doing bits and pieces),but spendinng more time with Cillian now, and going to gym or for walk! :P
And heres my litl one (cute blondie hair. awwwwww :DDD
So yea, thats pretty much it. Keep yourself warm in these cold autumn evenings!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodies from Russia

Cant say its nice, its kinda dark and cold outside. Well, autumn is here obviosly, and that means Helloweeeen nearly there!!! As always, I cant wait! :)

Ok, so this post is about goodies I got from Russian girl Lena. We both were participating in Bug Exchange. I really enjoyed participating, that was my first exchange, and Im pretty sure that not last.
Lena sent me looooads of things: handmade soap(mmmm smells nice, Cillian was trying to eat it :)), lovely hair accessorie, different small decorative ladybugs, nice kids 'bug making' kit, AND... Unreal cross stitching kit from Vervaco, with who...? Of course with Lady Bug! Also I got savage super duper handmade card, which Lena made herself i guess. I never handle any handmade cards im my life, especially when they made specially for you. LENA, thank you VERY VERY much!!!
 So heres what I got:

Sorry Im posting is after few months after I got it, but my laptop still not fixed, so Im using my lovely boyfriends laptop, which I dont like to do, cause I prefer mine one.
So thats the news for today (still have more stuff to talk about and show, so laters :))

As always your,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Dream Stripes

Hello Hello,
I'm still without laptop, whaaaaaa whaaaaa :'(((((( So just a quick post about my finished shawl. Pattern is from Raverly, and you can find ir here.
Made this ages ago, but due to complications with my laptop, coundnt show earlier.
So here she is, my Summer Dream Stripes Shawl:

Be back soon (hopefully), sneakly using boyfriends laptop. Thee heee :)

Froggy XXX

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cillian's 1st Birthday

Hello hello! Say my blog is all covered in dust and spiders webs! Been sooo long since I posted anything! Sorry about that my dear readers!
My laptop is still broken and Im not sure if it ever be fixed :(((((( So that the bad news.
The good news are that my litl son Cillian turned ONE on 2nd of September!!! Happy Days! Hes a big boy now!!!! Im very happy too, it was very fast and great year!
And here is our happy litl family!
 Cillian's new bike:)
 Hes lilt friend Tommy
 Birthday cake! Yay!

So as you see from the pictures we had great time!!!!

About crafty thing now! Have loads of things done: shawl, 2 pairs of socks, cardigan, 2 turtles, and nearly finished pair of bunny slippers! :) And I promise I show everything as soon as I can. If my boyfriend will let me use his laptop (using sneakly now, while hes sleeping :)))))
So see you all soon!
As always,


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