Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodies from Russia

Cant say its nice, its kinda dark and cold outside. Well, autumn is here obviosly, and that means Helloweeeen nearly there!!! As always, I cant wait! :)

Ok, so this post is about goodies I got from Russian girl Lena. We both were participating in Bug Exchange. I really enjoyed participating, that was my first exchange, and Im pretty sure that not last.
Lena sent me looooads of things: handmade soap(mmmm smells nice, Cillian was trying to eat it :)), lovely hair accessorie, different small decorative ladybugs, nice kids 'bug making' kit, AND... Unreal cross stitching kit from Vervaco, with who...? Of course with Lady Bug! Also I got savage super duper handmade card, which Lena made herself i guess. I never handle any handmade cards im my life, especially when they made specially for you. LENA, thank you VERY VERY much!!!
 So heres what I got:

Sorry Im posting is after few months after I got it, but my laptop still not fixed, so Im using my lovely boyfriends laptop, which I dont like to do, cause I prefer mine one.
So thats the news for today (still have more stuff to talk about and show, so laters :))

As always your,


  1. Алина, я очень рада, что тебе всё понравилось!))
    А книжечку детскую ты получила? Её на фото нет.

  2. И поздравляю сыночка от всей души!! Любви вам и счастья!!

  3. Подарки чудесные, поздравляю :)

  4. Lena, spasibo ogromennoje, vsio ocen ponravilos! A kakaja knizecka? Tam tolko detskaja 'sdelaj zukov' bila.

    Spasibo Irin!

  5. Увидела её. Сразу- то не разглядела. А то я думала может на таможне не пропустили.))


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