Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Dream Stripes

Hello Hello,
I'm still without laptop, whaaaaaa whaaaaa :'(((((( So just a quick post about my finished shawl. Pattern is from Raverly, and you can find ir here.
Made this ages ago, but due to complications with my laptop, coundnt show earlier.
So here she is, my Summer Dream Stripes Shawl:

Be back soon (hopefully), sneakly using boyfriends laptop. Thee heee :)

Froggy XXX


  1. Алина, надо же как мы мыслим одинаково! Summer dream - это тоже моя тема, только не о вязании :))) Красивая шаль, в холода будет согревать летним теплом :)

  2. Spasibo Irina! Ocen legko viazetsia! Tolko ja viazala ejo na prostix spicas (ne krugovix), tak ocen tiazelo bilo viazat v konce!


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