Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cillian's 1st Birthday

Hello hello! Say my blog is all covered in dust and spiders webs! Been sooo long since I posted anything! Sorry about that my dear readers!
My laptop is still broken and Im not sure if it ever be fixed :(((((( So that the bad news.
The good news are that my litl son Cillian turned ONE on 2nd of September!!! Happy Days! Hes a big boy now!!!! Im very happy too, it was very fast and great year!
And here is our happy litl family!
 Cillian's new bike:)
 Hes lilt friend Tommy
 Birthday cake! Yay!

So as you see from the pictures we had great time!!!!

About crafty thing now! Have loads of things done: shawl, 2 pairs of socks, cardigan, 2 turtles, and nearly finished pair of bunny slippers! :) And I promise I show everything as soon as I can. If my boyfriend will let me use his laptop (using sneakly now, while hes sleeping :)))))
So see you all soon!
As always,


  1. Поздравляю с первой годовщиной сыночка, Алина! Пусть он будет счастлив! А какой он у вас хорошенький, такой красавчик, завидным женихом растет! :)))

  2. Spasibo Irocka!
    Naslednij prync rastiot:)))


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