Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pinky Trinky Little Things Box

My working table is always a mess, so I wanted to make some box to fit all my small things (like scissors, buttons, threads, needles etc.). And when I found pattern for this box in Crochet magazine I thought to myself 'Thats the right thing for my things :))'. Two evenings and this love Pinky Trinky box was born! :)

P.S. I have loads unfinished projects, and I feel very bad for that! Cause I just love to start something new, and then leave it till better time! Know that feeling yourself? Its quite bad I know, and I was thinking really hard what to do. and.... I came to a good desicion, I made i plan for whole week!!! Yes, plan for whole week, each day just do something one, so I really hope to clean up my working table! Yay!
Heres a plan:

Monday - Knitting
Tuesday - Cross Stitching
Wednesday - Crocheting (and crochet club in the evening)
Thursday - Wool Spinning
Friday - Textiles (new technique I started to work with)
Saturday - Arts (painting with oils and drawing)
Sunday - Relax day :)))

Happy crafting,

Always yours, always Froggy XXX

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pocoyo Hat for Cilllian

My baby likes Pocoyo cartoon, and we actually think that he looks like that litl boy from cartoon! :) and i decided to make him 'Pocoyo' hat!
Hes the real Pocoyo:
And heres my precious boy with new hat:::
And here with papa:
If you like the hat, pattern is here (i think this hat be nice on a litl girls too).

Thanks for visiting, come again! XXX

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Ivy spindle

Got unfinished top whorl drop spindle from Ebay, but really wanted something unusual on it! And I asked my dear sister (shes really good at art) to make my spindle look nice! And Voila! my spindle looks savage, handpainted with acrilycs and covered with clear varnish! I love it! Thanx to my dear sister!

Cant wait to spin some yarn with my new improoved spindle! Happy days!

Froggy XXX

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Purple Haze

Was busy spinning, doing some cross stitching too, and still running my crochet club! :) So all good!
Want to share my handspun wool! I absolutely love it! Its too purples mixed together and I called it Purple Haze (yeah baby!) :)
This wool is:
2-ply, soft as a cloud, and its handspun by me, and also it has lovely purply colors in itself! Brilliant!
Thank you for visiting, come again!

Froggy XXX


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