Thursday, February 3, 2011

Purple Haze

Was busy spinning, doing some cross stitching too, and still running my crochet club! :) So all good!
Want to share my handspun wool! I absolutely love it! Its too purples mixed together and I called it Purple Haze (yeah baby!) :)
This wool is:
2-ply, soft as a cloud, and its handspun by me, and also it has lovely purply colors in itself! Brilliant!
Thank you for visiting, come again!

Froggy XXX


  1. Слушая, Алин, пряжа получается такая красивая, можно даже ничего из нее не вязать, а просто любоваться на эти разноцветные комочки ;))))

  2. Spasibo Irina, mne toze ocen nravitsia. A ese ona takaja miakonkaja!:)


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