Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cooking: Beef Halloween Casserole

Wasn't blogging about cooking for a while, so this post will be about cooking, as you can see from name of this post.}}}
Today I'm cooking..Tam-da-da-da...Beef Casserole, yum!

What you need:
 - Stewing beef (say about 300-400g), i just dice them in small tiny pieces
 - 1 average parsnip
 - 3-4 small carrots
 - 1 onion
 - Baby potatoes (don't know how much, i always put them last and see then how much I need)
 - Pack of 'Beef Casserole' (get in any supermarket I suppose)

How to cook:
1. Chop onions, and add them in heated casserole dish with a bit of oil 
2. When onions soft and translusent, add beef and stir for 10 min or so. Take of from fire.
3. Chop parsnip, carots and baby potatoes and add them to casserole dish too.
4. Mix your casserole mix with water (see pack) and add mixture to the dish.
5. Mix everything, cover with the lid and put in preheated oven  for about 1 1/2.
6. Put in bowls and enjoy! 

I think its perfect dish for Hallowen Dinner. You can actually add Pumpkin to the dish too!!!
My Beef Halloween Casserole
Froggy XXX

Just an ordinary Halloween post...

Happy Jolly Halloween my dear followers, readers and visitors!!! Hope everyone having a good one! Me and my son Cillian cant wait for the evening to go Trick or Treat, that's gonna be soooo much fun! :)
And here is man little man, was going to his Halloween party in creche

And here is me, having fun on Sunday Night

Oh yeah, nearly forgot to show you our Jack-o-Lantern, which my father made us. We love it!
It's late and we are sleepy,
The air is cold and still.
Our jack-o-lantern grins at us
Upon the windowsill.
We're stuffed with cake and candy
And we've had a lot of fun,
But now it's time to go to bed
And dream of all we've done.
We'll dream of ghosts and goblins
And of witches that we've seen,
And we'll dream of trick-or-treating
On this happy Halloween.
Spooky Froggy XXX

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lace... Lace??? Lace!!!

Hello Hello! Hope everyone doing well this cold time of the year! I having my heating on, my warm wooly socks on my feet, and nice hot cup of herbal tea beside me! :)
Guess what I was doing last few days? Hmm... I'll tell you, I was crocheting lace! I'm so hooked and addicted to it! Looking for patterns around web, found few really vintage ones (ones is dated like 1900!!!). What can I say? Its relaxing, looks so delicate and amazing, its pure vintage and you can used pretty much on everything (clothes, household items, towels etc.)
Heres my lacey creations, and much more to come (well, still have a bit of threads, mite even try sewing thread later!). Had to ring my granny to Lithuania and ask her to get me more threads, cause its much cheaper over there.
My lace creations

If you wonder what threads I'm using, its Puppets Perle 8, I think they are made in Hungary, but I only could find them on some Estonian site, you can check it out here. They come in wide range of colors and from my own experience with them, its a pleasure to crochet with them! By the way, the pink lace that I'm working on at the moment, its a different thread there, I believe some Turkish one, I got it in bargain basket, when I was on holidays in Lithuania in may.
So that it for now, gone to make another cup of tea, and back to work! :)
See you very soon, thank you for coming visit me her in my blog!

Froggy xxx

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Closed Granny Triangle Shawl

Finished my granny triangle shawl! Yay! So happy! Its very warm, big and cozy. I used nearly all 400(!!!)g of acrylic and wool blend yarn. 
Pattern is from 'Granny Square Crochet' by Catherine Hirst book. Love this book!
So here are measurements of my finished shawl:
Measures : Length (116cm), Width across top edge (160cm)
Rows : 28
Balls of yarn: one 400g big ball
Weight : about 400g
Think this shawl be very wearable this year, its cold even today, so so nice to wrap myself in this cozy, warm shawl! :)
As well, finished (finally) lining for my big colorful crochet bag. Happy with result, gona take that bag to college after holidays! :)
And now wwant to share amazing books that I'm in love with! Probably the best crochet book I ever hold in my hands!
First is "Cute and Easy Crochet' by Nicki Tench. What can I say, amazing book, amazing patterns! If you like to get this books, its available here.

And second book is, I mentioned it today already, its the book, where's my shawl is from, 'Granny Square Love' by Catherine Hirst. This one is one of my favorites, love love love it! And its available here.

He he this is my second post today, feeling very productive in writing today, so think even more to come! :)
See you very soon, Froggy XXX

Cow's Skull and paper environment...

Hey Blog! Hope you doing well! Wasn't blogging again, due to my interesting life and busyness. :) As my blog supposed to be art and stuff blog, I gonna share few pictures of my college work, and I'm going to start from beginning.
So...First of all, in the beggining of our course we had to pick up an object and draw it (differently, using different techniques), so I did that, yay! :) So here is my object...Cows Skull...Ta-Dah!

Niiiiice! :)
So then, after loads of drawings, we were asked to make our object from paper. So here it is - Paper Cows Skull:
And after that, were asked to make paper environment based on our drawings from Bog. And then place paper object to paper environment and draw it! :)
All done! :) By the way I have loads of pictures and works to share, so I be posting them gradually, so see you here on my blog very soon!

As always,

Froggy XXX


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