Saturday, October 27, 2012

Closed Granny Triangle Shawl

Finished my granny triangle shawl! Yay! So happy! Its very warm, big and cozy. I used nearly all 400(!!!)g of acrylic and wool blend yarn. 
Pattern is from 'Granny Square Crochet' by Catherine Hirst book. Love this book!
So here are measurements of my finished shawl:
Measures : Length (116cm), Width across top edge (160cm)
Rows : 28
Balls of yarn: one 400g big ball
Weight : about 400g
Think this shawl be very wearable this year, its cold even today, so so nice to wrap myself in this cozy, warm shawl! :)
As well, finished (finally) lining for my big colorful crochet bag. Happy with result, gona take that bag to college after holidays! :)
And now wwant to share amazing books that I'm in love with! Probably the best crochet book I ever hold in my hands!
First is "Cute and Easy Crochet' by Nicki Tench. What can I say, amazing book, amazing patterns! If you like to get this books, its available here.

And second book is, I mentioned it today already, its the book, where's my shawl is from, 'Granny Square Love' by Catherine Hirst. This one is one of my favorites, love love love it! And its available here.

He he this is my second post today, feeling very productive in writing today, so think even more to come! :)
See you very soon, Froggy XXX

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