Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cow's Skull and paper environment...

Hey Blog! Hope you doing well! Wasn't blogging again, due to my interesting life and busyness. :) As my blog supposed to be art and stuff blog, I gonna share few pictures of my college work, and I'm going to start from beginning.
So...First of all, in the beggining of our course we had to pick up an object and draw it (differently, using different techniques), so I did that, yay! :) So here is my object...Cows Skull...Ta-Dah!

Niiiiice! :)
So then, after loads of drawings, we were asked to make our object from paper. So here it is - Paper Cows Skull:
And after that, were asked to make paper environment based on our drawings from Bog. And then place paper object to paper environment and draw it! :)
All done! :) By the way I have loads of pictures and works to share, so I be posting them gradually, so see you here on my blog very soon!

As always,

Froggy XXX

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