Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lace... Lace??? Lace!!!

Hello Hello! Hope everyone doing well this cold time of the year! I having my heating on, my warm wooly socks on my feet, and nice hot cup of herbal tea beside me! :)
Guess what I was doing last few days? Hmm... I'll tell you, I was crocheting lace! I'm so hooked and addicted to it! Looking for patterns around web, found few really vintage ones (ones is dated like 1900!!!). What can I say? Its relaxing, looks so delicate and amazing, its pure vintage and you can used pretty much on everything (clothes, household items, towels etc.)
Heres my lacey creations, and much more to come (well, still have a bit of threads, mite even try sewing thread later!). Had to ring my granny to Lithuania and ask her to get me more threads, cause its much cheaper over there.
My lace creations

If you wonder what threads I'm using, its Puppets Perle 8, I think they are made in Hungary, but I only could find them on some Estonian site, you can check it out here. They come in wide range of colors and from my own experience with them, its a pleasure to crochet with them! By the way, the pink lace that I'm working on at the moment, its a different thread there, I believe some Turkish one, I got it in bargain basket, when I was on holidays in Lithuania in may.
So that it for now, gone to make another cup of tea, and back to work! :)
See you very soon, thank you for coming visit me her in my blog!

Froggy xxx

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