Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bog adventures or how my Art studies started...

Hello Blog! :) So nice to be here again. Today I want to share some pictures with you. So as I said in my previous posts I started my Art course, and with all my group we were at amazing place called Abbeyleix Bog to do some drawings of it! I absolutely loved it! Place was mystically amazing, like something from fairy tales, weather was pretty good too (some showers here and there but we didn't care :)))
Here some information about the place first:
Abbeyleix Bog is situated on the southern periphery of Abbeyleix town and encompasses an area of almost 500 acres of diverse habitats including degraded (but recovering) raised bog, lagg, cutaway, wet carr woodland and meadows. The Abbeyleix Bog Project (ABP) stemmed from a local action which was established in 2000 to conserve and protect the bog which was threatened with harvesting for peat moss. 
If you interested or be looking for more information, you can find it at

So here few pictures from Bog, enjoy! :)

 Me and my sister Diana after rain...)))

 Old Bridge

 We were enjoying Bog life for two days and I bloody loved it! Wish we stayed there for a week! :) I brought some goodies from bog - got two bouquets of medical herbs, one is Wild Thyme (good for coughs), and St. Johns Wart (good em...for pretty much anything).:) And I got good few sketches from it too. 
 So think thats it for now, be back soon with more stuff.


Friday, September 28, 2012

You are....CACTUS!!!

What a lovely day today! My flu getting better, Cillian is in good form, so I manage to do some crochet today. And here it is...Cactus himself! I love him! Thinking to bring him to college and put him on my desk.
Pattern is from Raverly (of course :), so if you bee looking for pattern here it is. I just change a pattern a bit for my own needs, I wanted it be taller than actual pattern.
Have a great Friday everyone!
P.S. So nice to be back blogging!

Froggy XXX

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! That been nearly a year since my last post! I know, not goood, :( sorry was busy living my life and stuff :) The good thing is that I'm going to use my blog again, and I'm back to blogger life.
I started college this September and I'm doing Art, Craft and Design in Abbeyleix! To say that I'm happy would mean say nothing! :) 'Finally doing what I wanted to do all my life (chemistry and nursing was wrong choice), he he he :) So here we go, gonna keep working on my blog life so see ya all very soon! :)

As always, your lost and found,
Froggy XXX


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