Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vintage Cross Stitching

Got this kit on Etsy. What can I say? I love vintage things so much, and this kit is dated 1980! I wasnt even born, when it was out! Love it, was so quick and fun work. Gona frame it and hang in the kitchen. I love cooking by the way, and it just gona spice up my kitchen a bit! :)
Definately going to search Etsy for more vintage kits!

Happy crafting everyone!


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Finally finish my Eeyore for my baby's room. More from Disney series to come! Was so much joy to stitch it, and my baby like it! Cant believe that this kit was only 3 pounds on SewandSo! :)
Close up:
 And here is Cillians big Pooh Bear! He loves him, even bear is bigger that him! :)
Happy crafting everyone! Im gone to do more work!

P.S. When was writing this post saw Cillian playing with his bear, so made a picture! :)

Froggy XXX

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I know, this post is not about cross stitching or any other craft! Its my new tattoo and I just love it! And want to share! :)
 By the way Eeyore nearly finished, just backstitch left, so probably be showing it tomorrow!
 Froggy XXX

Monday, May 23, 2011

Enchanted Hollow Designs Bug Swap!

This is my first swap ever! Im really excited! Going to be loads of fun!
If you would like to participate heres a link! Hurry up, sign ups over 24th of May!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What is Lunastix?

First, its my new hobby (how many do you have you will ask)?! Yes, its something new again and I just LOVE IT!
Now Im gona answer the question what is Lunastix? Lunastix - juggling sticks, lunastix is just brand who making them. Actually more information is on  But now full answer (found this on Wiki):
The manipulation of devil sticks (also devilsticks, devil stixx, flower sticks, devil-sticks, rhythm sticks, gravity sticks, or juggling sticks) is a form of gyroscopic juggling or equilibristics, and is generally considered to be one of the circus arts. Sometimes called devil-sticking, other terms for the activity include twirling, sticking, and stick juggling.A "set" of devil sticks is made up of three pieces — the baton and two control sticks. Nonetheless, it is often called a "pair of sticks." And the flower sticks are similar to juggling. They are basically juggling sticks. If the baton (center stick) is not tapered and has tassels (or other weights) at its end, it can be properly called a "flower stick" (as the tassels will twirl outwards and resemble an open flower when the stick is spun). This term can also refer to hybrid sticks which are both tapered and have weights. Tapered sticks without end weights are known simply as devil sticks. Flower sticks can also be properly called devil sticks, as that is the more general term.
Yes I got pair for my self, and have to say They Are So Much Fun!!! (and have to say I ordered new pair of them and they are glowing in the dark!) :)
Heres my preciuos pair:

 And here Im delightfully playing with them:

About my crafting stuff: Im working on it! Knitting Teddy Bear for my litl one, crocheting few things too, and cross stitching Eyore for my babys room. So all busy busy! Gona show more stuff soon!
Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!

Always yours and always Froggy! :) XXX

Monday, May 9, 2011

C Днем Победы!!!

Вечная слава!
Вечная слава!
Слава героям!


Во имя Отчизны —
Во имя живущих —
Во имя грядущих —
мы должны сокрушить.
И не было гордости
и не было доблести
                 выше —
ведь кроме
желания выжить
есть еще
Навстречу раскатам
          ревущего грома
мы в бой поднимались
светло и сурово.
На наших знаменах
       начертано слово


Детям своим
          расскажите о них,
расскажите о них,
чтобы тоже
Во все времена
К мерцающим звездам
          ведя корабли,—
о погибших

          трепетную весну,
люди Земли.
люди Земли!

Мечту пронесите
          через года
и жизнью
Но о тех,
кто уже не придет
Роберт Рождественский

 Spasibo Vam! My Vas Pomnim!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pink Bombay Love Cardigan and Spring Flower Baby Girl Hat

I love crocheting!!! I really do! Past few weeks I just cant do anything else, only chrochet! :)
So when my man said to me we going to Christening on the weekend, I couldn't resist no to make handmade present! Its for litl girl, I love the pattern and love the colors of the yarn! Hope she will be happy too!
So this is complect - Cardigan and Hat. Patterns are from Raverly(of course, from where else :)).
Josie Posy Hat:
Bombay Love Cardigan:
And all together now:
Hoppefully more stuff to come :)
Froggy XXX

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rusty Lavalette

Finished my first shawl! Pattern was so easy and result was great so I'm really happy! Started to make another one in blue. Patern was taken from Raverly, and if you like it too, you can find it here. 
Heres some pictures of my shawl!

Doing cross stitching too, so be posting new work soon!
Froggy XXX


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