Sunday, November 25, 2012 Tatting...or my new hobby

 Hello Blog!
Hope everyone doing well on this lovely but cold Sunday morning!
Finally managed myself to sit down with cup of coffee and make this post.
As you can see from the name it will be about tatting!
What can I say? I love it and cant get enough of it. I'm totally obsessed!!! 
I just constantly tatting and tatting and tatting! 
And have loads of stuff to show (was taking pictures all evening yesterday) so this post gonna be quite long!
more stuff here...

Tatting shuttle I got very cheap from China and decoupaged it

Same shuttles decoupaged other side

Cheap China shuttle I painted with Acrylic paints and cover with glaze

Back of shuttle

This tatting shuttle is so so special, because its colectable!
 Its from 1930-1940 era and I  love it so much!
Got its very cheap from ebay, its was about 3-4 euro. Happy days!

A la Victorian drawstring bag I made from old bed sheet
and toned with coffee
and old lace curtains.
 Love it, its so nice to put my tatting stuff to bring it with me!

Bag from side

Book I got on ebay. I think its the best book you can get about tatting,
 it contains everything you
need to start or even improve skills you already have!
Books called 'The Complete Book of Tatting' by Rebecca Jones

Love them shuttles!!!

Lovely picture from book

Another book I got, nice and easy :)

Really love to make it (maybe someday, its not that easy for beginner like me)

Box I got in second hand shop (only 2 euro) and it has mirror
and is perfect for my tatted bits and bobs!

Close up

It says on the cover Portugal 1765 (its not that old, its just what it says) :)

Box from Pound shop , its made for hardware stuff but perfectly fit my tatting
yarn and bits and bobs

Got two of them boxes (they 2 euro each, bargain!!)

All shuttles I have at this moment;
2 decorated by me
one is vintage
Grey one was given me by lady from the Lace Guild at Knitting&Stitching show
Blue one is from Pony( from ebay)

More shuttles to come soon :)
Want to have big collection :)

Me :)

Fuf, Finally Finished! :)
Thanks for attention and patience (if you made to the end).
See you all soon!
Froggy XXX

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