Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Hunting

I love second hand shops, really really do! You never know what you can find in them!
I got amazing vintage book today. In perfect condition as well. Its called 'The Boys' and Girls' Cinema Clubs Annual', and its from 50s. 50s, right??? I love 50s and everything with 50s involved makes me so happy!
So this book is unreal treasure! Was asking the woman in the shop will she have more vintage books, and she said she will! Score! Cant wait to get my paws on them! :)
So here few more pictures of this amazing book:

Alice in Wonderland, I adore it!
And my little man got a book (he loves books), and more than books he loves Trains. Any time he sees train (even in the book) he screams "Chou-Choooo":)
* * *
So was happy shopping day today, we got loads of stuff: Warm clothes and shoes for Cillian (well prepared for cold weather now), got 2 balls of sock wool, nice wallet for myself with my adorable Cherries, and of course books!
your book lover,
Froggy XXX

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  1. Привет!наконец ты появилась!Я так рада!
    Алина напиши мне на свой адрес-ты у меня в ПиФочка.


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