Saturday, November 3, 2012

Knitting & Stitching Show..or Heaven really Exsists!!!

This Friday my and my friend Aisling went to Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin's RDS. OMG! Its was amazing! I cant even explain how I felt when I saw all wool, tools, needles and hooks, felt and fabrics! I thought 'I'm in Heaven!'
So less words, more pictures (oh, its going to be long long post :)
Me participating in Innocent Smoothies Action

More pictures here...

In action of knitting


Amazing dress!!!

Houses Quilt

Earthquake in Japan Quilts

Love this one, lovely roses, reminds me of Cath Kidston designs for some reason


Knitted Village, how cool is that? I was soooo impressed!!!

Lace! Was my favorite stand of the day! And that lady (whos nearest on pic), showed me how to do Tatting, and generously donated one of her Shuttles, so I can practice myself. JOY JOY!

Lovely man showed us how to spin wool

Oliver Twist stand

Again Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was one of most colorfull and full of goodies stands (I spent loads there)

Bobbin lace, my next passion I think, lovely woman let me try it, and I got book from her too

Amazing thing, called Lucet, got one, share how it works shortly

Lovely man, finder and creator of Lucet

And his lovely shoelaces, all made by himself

Love it, so creative

Amazing piece of lace

Lace again, i just love this stand

Absolutelly amazing piece of art, all made of Angelina fiber (I think it was called Last Supper)

Four Seasons, amazing

Looks like paper rolls, but it all made from threads and fabric

So beautiful piece of embroidery

Love this, looks so delicate(hand embroidery)

Cant even describe it, stunning work (hand embroidery too(!)

Lovely felted doll

Clock (think was Alice theme)

Love love love it! Alice in Wonderland Masterpiece

Fantastic felted creations

Absolutely stunning embroidery

I lost my breath for a few minutes when i saw this amazing piece of felting


Cross Stitching on an old car door (interesting, mite try it out! :))


Love it, so Steampunky style

Door Embroidery

So cool embroidered creation!!!

 I got some stuff for myself too :) Here it is (my hamster inside  Jigging):

Happy happy Joy Joy! (that stripy blanket by the way I made ages ago, just never showed, love it, so cozy! Lying proudly in my bedroom bed)!
Sorry for such a long post! I definitely going to that show next year nothing gonna stop me maybe! :)
Thank you very much for visiting and your patience (if you actually read this looong post till the end)!!!

Very Happy Froggy XXX


  1. Hey Alina,
    Looks class. I was up in Dublin and all and now I regret not going. Will definitely go next yr, especially if you've got a stand there. You got some deadly pictures. Looks like you picked up some great new stuff, tips and skills. Fair play to you. I still haven't ventured past the old knitting needles. Cool blog by the way. Enjoy trying out your new stitches. Would love to meet for a coffee and chat some time.
    Nuala xx

    1. Hey hun,
      Was amazing exhibition down there, loads of amazing works, goodies and people! Going next year for sure!!!
      Thanks, back to blogging again, was out from it nearly a year! We should defo catch up and share the news, haven't seen you in ages!!! Are you still in Cork?

  2. Привет Алина!Спасибо за великолепные фотографии и замечательный рассказ,кстати на бабушкиной прялке моя мама до сих пор прядет шерсть и козий пух,я тоже этому была научена.Вообще столько мастеров.столько в мире рукоделия интересного и в каждой стране что-то новое и неизвестное для других.

    1. Privet Sofja!
      Spasibo, staralas. Eto bilo mojo pervoje ucastije v takom miroprijatiji! Skazat cto ponravilos, eto nicego ne skazat! Ja v polnom vostorge, obiazatelno poedu s v sledusem godu!
      A prialku ja by sama xotela imet i zanimatsia etim, umeju poka tolko v rucnuju priast (vrode blozyla ja ob etom kogda-to). Skoro podelius mojimi uspexami v pleteniji kruzev :) Zaxodyte v gosty!

    2. Обязательно зайду и посмотрю на твои рукоделки.


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