Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post about Cross stitching...

When I started my blog ( that was 2 years ago), my blog was mainly about stitching.  I was so in love with cross stitching. But them I started to do different things, then my baby boy was born, so was no time really for cross stitching. And as well my love to it and inspiration was gone on holidays! :(
But today I woke up with amazing felling - want to go back to my cross stitching! Yes Yes Yes! My inspiration back and I'm full of beans to start new cross stitch project!
Just prepared chart, threads and needles! Wish me luck! :)
Your back on track Froggy xxx


  1. Hi Alina, I also love cross stitch. You get going and enjoy. I also had a lovely weekend. See you Monday. :,)

  2. Hey Jen, welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting! I'm so happy to get back to it, was stitching all day today! See you tomorrow! :)


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