Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yarn Tower, Tatted Earrings and Autumn Bracelet

Lovely Saturday, all family is home. Doing random stuff today and playing with Cillian, Hes so funny, took his toy phone and pretending to ring his imaginary friend and talk! ''Hello! OK!  See you later, Bye, Bye!" - Cillian. :) Then he took my little yarn balls (plenty of them around house, thanks to my wonderful Granny), and started to build Yarn Tower! Here is result:
Just before Tower big Fall

Starting again
When Cillian was playing peacefully I managed to finish Tatted Earrings and Autumn Bracelet. Love them! Thinking to sell them on the next Craft Fair in my town.
My first finished Tatting project

Close up

Autumn Bracelet, crocheted with size 1,5 hook  from size 8 Perle Cotton
Fastens with Vintage Button

Sorry for dark pictures, lighting is not at its best today. Cant wait for Xmas (Santa mite bring me new camera) :)

Hope everyone having good weekend, we sure do!
Froggy XXX

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