Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Post (Painting)

Before Elvis, there was nothing... - John Lennon -

Today I did a painting. First I did few samples, then I did one big one.
We were given a painting brief, and it was called Sanctuary. I did a bit of research, and came to conclusion that my sanctuary is consisting from 3 things:

  • Time with my son Cillian
  • Harmony + Sanctuary = Harmony with myself
  • Elvis Presley and his music
So based on that I going to do 3 paintings.(or maybe 4 or 5, i'm not sure). Here is the first one:

Acrylics on canvas
And here some practice pieces in my journal:
''Me and my son''

Elvis (stencil made from my drawing)
Keep tuned for more...
Froggy XXX

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