Sunday, March 10, 2013

♥ New home ♥

Last night was the last night in our old house! We finally did it! Nearly I mean, just few more things left and we are officially moved!
Our new house is lovely, my boyfriend did amazing work! My father helped him too! And my dear mother helped me to mind Cillian!
So we wont have internet for a while, so I wont be blogging as such! And more amazing news are - I will finally have my own super duper studio! Where I be able to craft, think, relax, sew, crochet, paint, tat, draw and create amazing masterpieces! :)

So see you all as soon as I can!

Very happy Frog xxx

P.S. Happy Mothers Day dear mothers!


  1. Alina, your Easter Swap partner, The Cranky Queen, is trying to get hold of you for your address. Please contact her today. Thanks!

    It's A Very Cherry World

  2. Hello Sue,
    I contacted her already, we just moved to new house and I have no internet yet.

  3. Oi , vi seu blog na lista do blog "International Directory Blogspot"
    vim conhecer e já estou te seguindo,vem seguir o meu também.

    Receba com todo amor o meu selinho!

    Beijinhux, Marie.

    1. Obrigado Marie,
      Você é muito bem-vinda em meu blog, o seu é amazimg e inspirador, eu sou definitivamente um novo seguidor!



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