Wednesday, March 20, 2013

♥ Hello hello...well well well...I am back! ♥

Hello blog and my dear readers! 
I am finally back to blogging life, since we have internet now! Happy days! Now we officially moved to new house and it is bloody lovely! I love every bit of it. Still few things need to be done to it, few bags to be unpacked, but pretty much it is livable space now. Pictures coming soon, i promise! :)
Moreover, i was doing very good with my weight loss journey! So this post will be about that too :)
Last weight was 148,8 lbs.
And the new one is....ta-dah!

Progress: -2,5 lbs
Favorite food of the week: Apples and WW nacho cheese tortillas
Exercise: Walking (loads)

Also I sent my Easter Swap to America, so hopefully it will reach it in time!
So basically these are the news, more things of course are going on, I just too tired today to type on more, but I will be back very soon!
And what more to add - I am on holidays next week! So plenty of time to spring cleaning, gardening, crafting, working on my embroidery brief and sorting out my studio!!!

Froggy xxx

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