Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to make bowl or holder for yarn...

Hello hello!
Todays post will be about how to make holder for yarn without any hassle. Idea is not my own, found it on internet somewhere (but there it was with bowl and larger clip, and also big ball of wool).
So here it is, my very own yarn holder..Ta-Dah!

Supplies you will need:

* paper clip (you can get them anywhere, mine is from Pound shop)
* Coffee cup, plastic bowl or any other thing that you would
like to fit your yarn into

What to do:
Clip you paper clip on the edge of your chosen object, and
Voila you have your very own, cool yarn holder!

And when you are finished, you just put your project and crochet 
hook back to cup!
How convenient is that? :)

Hope this tutorial was helpful, would like to see your comments about it!

Froggy xxx


  1. Какая замечательная идея,а что это будет?!

  2. Salfetocka budet, takaja malenkaja, prostenkaja i rozovenkaja! Vesenniaja voobsem! :)


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