Sunday, March 3, 2013

♥ What for Breakfast today? ♥

 Hello blog and my dear readers! 
I am in the healthy mood today again and as you see from name of the post it is going to be about breakfast.
What I usually eat for breakfast? Good question!
First of all I am trying to never skip breakfast! It is rule number one for me!
First I always have black coffee for breakfast (no sugar or its substitutes and no milk).
Then I have yogurt with granola or omelet with spinach, or porridge with honey or something else, depends what mood i get up with!)
So today's breakfast is....ta-dah.....
Healthy morning breakfast option by Alina
  • glass  of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
  • fresh cucumber
  • wholemeal crisp roll with fish pate and rocket leaves
  • boiled egg with sprinkles of pepper, sea salt and paprika
  • vitamins (I take A,C, E and selenium)
Also while eggs was boiling me and Cillian were playing with his amazing train track set (if you wondering where it is from - IKEA).

By the I doing really little of handmade stuff, I am really sorry for that, and slowly but surely I am working (finishing) few bits and bobs and mite show you something very soon!
Moreover I probably wont have internet for a while when we move to new house (it is going to happen very soon - next week I'd say), so I'll try to do my weight journey updates, posts and stuff somehow, but not promising anything!
Hope everyone doing very well,
sorry for such a long post!

Froggy xxx


  1. Вкусный завтрак,малыш играет с удовольствием,это видно.Главное ты рукоделишь,а то что медленно это побочный эффект.

  2. Ocen medleno, poslednije vremia voobse nicego nedelajetsia! Utesaju sebia myslju cto v novom dome rukodelitsia budet bolse! :)

  3. Привет!!!!! Ты следующая))))

    1. Spasibo bolsoje, daze neozydala! Zdu nedozdus kogda vyshyvat nacnu! :)


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