Friday, March 1, 2013

Sharing news and Slimming Marathon update

Hey hey! Sorry for dirty mirror,
 I using bathroom we rarely use,
only me sometimes to do updates on my weight,
 cause scales are here! ;)
                          Hello blog! 
Sorry wasn't blogging for a week again, so many things happened  happening and will happen! :) Was busy in college, then my little Cillian got sick, so had to stay home with him for few days. We got ear infection, ouch! Then I have amazing news - WE GOT HOUSE. Ours house with 3 bedrooms and a nice garden, and we moving very soon, in few days I'd say. I can not wait, even that it is going to be a pain in some place to move, but at least we have our place and space in the end. And lovely garden, where I can grow some veggies, get a dog and where my little mouse can play all day long! So happy happy days!
Now on another news - my slimming marathon journey. Its going well I'd say, very well. I feel much healthier, happier and also my skin started to glow from inside out!!!
So here is my update up to date }}}
last weight was 151,6 lbs.

Progress: - 1,7 lbs
Favorite food of the week: Greek yogurt with homemade granola
(recipe here.)
Exercise: Walking and loads of sit ups (doing more than 100 now)

Hope everyone doing well,
its spring time!

Froggy xxx


  1. Поздравляю с домом!!!!!! Не забудь фото потом!!!!!Я не поняла - 151,6 кг написано...ты что-то перепутала!

  2. Spasibo, radosti polnije shtany!!! Foto - obiazatelno! A pro ves tak eto ne v kilogramax, a v angliskix poundax. 1 pound ili lbs = 0.453592 kg. :)151,6 lbs - 69 kg :)

  3. Маленькому Киллиану не болеть,тебе удачи в колледже,а стройнеешь ты просто великолепно-молодец!

  4. Spasibo bolsoje, Sofjushka! Ocen starajus!


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