Monday, January 28, 2013

Box of stamps...

Back from college today and got text from my mama that a little parcel arrived for me. Went to get it and was pleasantly surprised. Finally got my box with rubber stamps inside. Was wanting it for ages, and now I have it! Very very happy!
Now be loads of pictures... :)

Box contains 70 wooden/rubber stamps (small alphabet, big alphabet, numbers and few punctuation signs stamps). Got this lovely box from Ebay for only 9 euro and free delivery from China. Happy days!
Cant wait to get ink pad tomorrow in the local shop and try them!
And here is my favorite cup ever, got it for my birthday from my sister and her boyfriend! Love it! Elvis forever! As John Lennon said before: "Before Elvis there was nothing..." Totally agree with that!
Hope everyone keeping themselves cozy and warm 
this cold evening!
Always yours,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Work Experience Brief finished

Finished my Graphic design Brief today. We needed to create visual 'digital self portrait'. That was really interesting and enjoyable brief, liked it very much.
There is my process (was trying different settings on my camera):

Slimming marathon update

Ola! Its been week now since I started my slimming journey! What Can I say, I was very good! said no to bad food, was eating healthy and stuff, was doing a bit of exercise (not much, just running everywhere, was very busy week). Next week I'm definitely going to increase my exercise buzz! So.. last weight update was 157,6 lbs(pounds). There is what I have now:
Progress: Good
Weight Watchers Diet: Working
Me: happy
Keep yourself warm and happy,
thanks for coming to see me in my blog,
see you soon,
P.S. My blog is on reconstruction mode, so all cool things and templates are gone for a while. I don't really know what happened  think having some issues on their site. Hopefully  everything be back to normal soon! Sorry for that!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Art Journal Cover

Made myself a art journal cover from scrap piece of fabric I had for ages in my stash. Decorated with old lace. Absolutely happy with the result. Its not perfect since I'm not very big fan of sewing, but perfect for my needs, because its going to travel with me everywhere.
More pictures:

Cillian approving my work
And random fact about me: I LOVE 50S! 
Everyone knows that who knows me! :) 
And for conclusion of the post - picture of me how I love to wear
bandana (inspired by 50s of course):

 Keep yourself warm this cold weather,
thanks for visiting,
see you soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Was very foggy today on the way to the bus! And bloody freezing too! 
Hope everyone keeping nice and warm!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thai Spinach Soup

Was in very healthy mood today, so cooked this amazing tasty and healthy soup! it tastes absolutely fantastic!
Recipe is from Weight Watchers site. Had problems to write recipe here earlier on so you just click on the name of the soup and you'll see the recipe. Sorry about that!

I love Thai cuisine, and this soup is just perfect! If you
try to cook it, let me know what you think!
See you soon, 
happy cooking!

My journey to lose weight started!!!

Christmas and all that celebrational stuff always adds on unwanted pounds! And it happened to me again!  So I'm on my way to be fit, and this time I'm very serious! Taking no prisoners! :)
So I started my slim journey on last Wednesday, and I'm happy with results, I lost around a pound since then! happy days!
Moreover, Sofya on her blog making a team to lose some unwanted grams, so I'm definitively joining girls too, cause its much easier and happier to do it together!!!
So my plan of actions:
  • join Weight Watchers again (starting next Wednesday)
  • start to play Wii trainer again
  • go to Zumba at least once a week
And my weight for now is: (elephant song stuck in my head, honestly feel like one too!!)
My healthy breakfast, yum!
See you soon,
thanks for visiting my blog again,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Post about Ceramic Brief

Finally manage myself to write this post. Promised to do it - here it is. So...
My drawing object was Nutmeg. So I did my 20 A1's and then got ceramic brief, and it asked us to do design based on them 20 A1 drawings, not on object. So here where is started:

Retro Water Bottle Cozy

Was so bored of my old water bottle, so decided to give it a new look! Much better now, and just in time for cold weather, we supposed to have snow in few days(can not wait, miss snow so much!) 
I used this great tutorial to make cover for my water bottle. Nice and simple!

By the way, background in pictures is my Grand Ripple Blanket, which I love so much, and which is proudly lying in my bedroom on my bed!
Be back very soon, still have to do art post! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Really Vintage Tatting Goodies...

I'm so happy owner of really vintage tatting things! Two parcels from America came to my house, one yesterday, one today! Happy happy Joy joy!
Heres what I got:
Parcel Number one:
* Susan Bates tatting shuttle in its
original package( around 1940-1950)
* Boye tatting shuttle
(year of make about 1947)
* Tiny vintage tatting thread (3 balls)
(I wonder how they tat with that?)
All cost me around 9 euro!!! 
Parcel Number two:
* Two vintage tatting threads (pink and blue)
* piece of lavender color linen
* crochet flower
* and amazing Boye Improved shuttle (1923)
Cost me around 7 euro!!!
To say that I'm happy as Larry would be as to say nothing! I'm happy owner of such vintage collectible stuff! Can't believe what a happy wiener I am!
Also I made little hair band, love it, so cute!

Gone to tat with my new old stuff!
See you soon!
P.S. be back tomorrow with art post!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Holden Shawlette

Holden Shawlette

Amazing pattern and amazing result, says me not being shy at all! :)
Was quick too, took me only about week, even less. The most annoying part was the last picot row.
Yarn is sock yarn from Lidl, didn't know it going to turn into a shawl. But I'm very happy with the result and can not wait to wear it proudly!
Took few pictures today in college straight after finishing, my good friend Aisling gladly agreed to model it for me:

Now its all washed, pinned and drying!

Don't know why I'm putting this here, but maybe 
someone will find this information useful:
Yarn: 'Nina' Sock Yarn from Lidl
Amount of yarn used: Around 2 balls and
a bit of third one
Knitting Needles: Bamboo in size 4mm
Pattern: Holden Shawlette from Raverly by Mindy Wilkes

Me happily wearing my shawl today (15.01.2013)
Was sooo cold today, everything was frozen
Thanks for visiting my blog,
see you again very soon,


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