Friday, August 16, 2013

Bulgarian Slippers - Finished

Good evening to all!

Finished my Bulgarian Slippers today, very happy with result, and they fit like a glove (glove for feet :])
Also I did few improvements in them;

  • knitted 8 rows in garter stitch, instead of suggested 4-6 rows
  • closed the stitches with 3-needle-bind-off instead of cast of and sew method
Count stitches to find the middle. Transfer half of stitches to second needle. Fold at middle, RS together  with yarn on the right. Using a third needle (I was using double pointed needles in this method), K the first stitch on both needles together. Then K the second stitch on both needles together. Slip the first of these knit stitches over the second, and let it drop off the needle. Knit the next stitch on both needles, and slip previous stitch over this one. Continue to the end.

So this how right side looks:
And this is wrong side:

My feet are truly happy!

Thanks Sveta very much for such an amazing opportunity  Will definitely knit more of them for each member of the family!

Froggy xxx


  1. Отлично получилось!Поздравления!Создаю фотогалерию.Опубликую в понедельник.

    1. Ogromnoje spasibo za organizacuju, budu ese viazat!

  2. симпатичные! и на ножке сидят удобно и красиво!!

  3. Очень красивые следки получились! Полоски напоминают тельняшку) Наверное, очень удобные)

    1. Spasibki, ocen udobnije, noshu ne snimaja!


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