Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bulgarian Slippers - Part 1

Good day all!
Always wanted to knit proper pair of house slippers for myself, and when Sveta in her blog announced Knit Together Bulgarian Slippers, I, of course, couldn't resist!
So here we go Part Nr.1!

I picked Sirdar Country Style yarn in Grey and 2,5 mm double pointed needles.
My starting stitches number is 47 (as Sveta says in her first part - 1 side stitch - 22 stitches - 1 middle stitch - 22 stitches - 1 side stitch)

So I picked up 47 stitches and knitted 6 rows in British Gum(???), not sure how to call right, its Aнглийская резинка in Russian.
Cant wait for next part!
P.S. Don't think that 47 stitches on 2,5 mm needles be enough for my big feet! So going to re-do 1st part. Going to pick up 51 stitch, and then see what happens. Will show it in next part!
UPDATE: Finally did it! After hundred tryings I finally found number of stitches I need for my feet - 55! So did 6 rows in British Gum and started Part 2. Using another needles - bamboo circulars in size 2.75 mm. Also added another color - my slippers be stripey, yay!

See you very soon,
Froggy xxx


  1. Ровные первые петельки!Такого же и продолжения!


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