Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zombie Walk and Kings of Concrete

Had very nice saturday. Went to Zombie walk in Dublin. It was a charity event in aid of the Irish Cancer Society & The RNLI. I didnt expect so many peole participating in this event. Was thousands of Zombies and all of the were sreaming BRAINZZZZZZZZZZZ! :) 

This is litl boy by the way! :)))

 Trust me Zombies were Everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! Brainssss! Brainsssss! Like I heard about 13,000 people participated! Wow! I was really amazed!
After Zombie walk we went to place called Wood Quay (behind Dublin Coucil) there was taken place sawage event called KINGS OF CONCRETE! OMG! This was amazing event! 
Boards, Bikes, Balls and Beats, Paint and Saints..!!!
Loads of music, art, fun! And day was sooo sunny! Cant even explain how it was, better check the pictures!

 Im the bad one! :)
 More Bmx
 ouch! :P

 chilling on the grass
playing with my Lunastix
So was great day in general! Amazing, sunny and funny! And hows your summer going? :)


P.S Finished my Dream Stripes shawl, going to show in next post (this one was toooo long! :) And have socks on my needles, and one stitching project! See you soon! XXX

Friday, July 22, 2011

Combat skirt from old clothes

Had 2 pairs of old trousers (one was khaki color another one was old combat shorts, which I cant fit anymore) and one small mini skirt. Few hours of cursing and work and Voila - skirt is ready! Design is mine  :)

Finished Dream Stripes shawl, its washed and blocked, so whenever its ready I'll show it here.
Enjoy your summer!

Froggy XXX

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wonky the Sock Monster

Made this sock monster for my good friend Gemma! She brought me big bag full of socks and asked could I make her one sock monster! Pattern is from John Murphy's 'Stupid Sock Creatures' book. Was so much fun to make him, his said his name is Wonky! Well, I think this name well siuts him. :)
Heres Wonky:

And after I finished him, I was thinking that he didnt looked completed, so I decided to ad few more things. And Wonky asked me could I make a heart for him (felt like a Wizard from Oz :))). So he got a litl polymer clay heart from me. Think he looks complete and completely happy now! :)))

So thats me news for now! Not doing much (just lazying around, weather is too good to do anything!!!), but soon, I promise, be more things and works to show! Hope everyone enjoying their summer (I really do enjoying mine :P

Froggy XXX


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