Friday, January 25, 2013

Slimming marathon update

Ola! Its been week now since I started my slimming journey! What Can I say, I was very good! said no to bad food, was eating healthy and stuff, was doing a bit of exercise (not much, just running everywhere, was very busy week). Next week I'm definitely going to increase my exercise buzz! So.. last weight update was 157,6 lbs(pounds). There is what I have now:
Progress: Good
Weight Watchers Diet: Working
Me: happy
Keep yourself warm and happy,
thanks for coming to see me in my blog,
see you soon,
P.S. My blog is on reconstruction mode, so all cool things and templates are gone for a while. I don't really know what happened  think having some issues on their site. Hopefully  everything be back to normal soon! Sorry for that!


  1. Прогресс идет,продолжай в том же духе!

  2. Aga idiot, potixonku dvigajus k namecenoj celi! :)


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