Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Really Vintage Tatting Goodies...

I'm so happy owner of really vintage tatting things! Two parcels from America came to my house, one yesterday, one today! Happy happy Joy joy!
Heres what I got:
Parcel Number one:
* Susan Bates tatting shuttle in its
original package( around 1940-1950)
* Boye tatting shuttle
(year of make about 1947)
* Tiny vintage tatting thread (3 balls)
(I wonder how they tat with that?)
All cost me around 9 euro!!! 
Parcel Number two:
* Two vintage tatting threads (pink and blue)
* piece of lavender color linen
* crochet flower
* and amazing Boye Improved shuttle (1923)
Cost me around 7 euro!!!
To say that I'm happy as Larry would be as to say nothing! I'm happy owner of such vintage collectible stuff! Can't believe what a happy wiener I am!
Also I made little hair band, love it, so cute!

Gone to tat with my new old stuff!
See you soon!
P.S. be back tomorrow with art post!


  1. Поздравляю!Замечательные подарки.Заколка очень милая.

    1. Spasibo! Dovolna kak slon, sizu kak Koshej perebiraju! :)


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