Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My first PIF arrived..

Got my first PIF yesterday! Yay! 
PIF means - pay it forward, which in handmade world means share goodies you made yourself with others.
This was my first PIF I was ever participating, and yesterday I got it! Happy days! 
Amazing Russian girl Sofya sent me amazing scarf she made! I love the  color, cause it will go with anything!
Her blog is lovely and full of positive things! Also in parcel was little fridge magnet with picture of town she from and nice paper things I will use to make a card or something. She also wrote me a letter ( I adore handwritten letters)!!! Thanks for warm words Sofya! By the way I think we would make this PIF exchangeable, so I will send my handmade present to Russia!
Parcel from Russia with goodies inside
Me happily posing with new scarf

I love it! So nice to know that it was made for you!
Cause I always just make things for others and this is
my first time I got something for myself!
So thats all for now,
be back soon with more stuff
to share!


  1. Ура-ура!Я рада что смогла порадовать,черный красивый цвет и можно носить с любой одеждой,очень рада что смогла угодить.

    1. Spasibo bolsoje bolsoje! Ranse mne takije sharfyki nikodga nenravilis, no etot ocen po dushe prisolsia i cvet odin iz samix mnoju uvazajemix! Voobsem moj cvet i moj razmer!
      A PIF dumaju my obmennij sdelajem, tak cto zdy ot menia posylocku!


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