Sunday, January 6, 2013

Drawing Brief 20 A1's - FINISHED

 My drawing brief is done, finished, finito, fin! So happy that is finally over. Had loads of joy drawing my object - Nutmeg aka Musk nut! :)
My first post about my drawing you can see here.
Heres more pictures and collage I made.
pens, watercolors, chalks
Monoprint, ink and water
Monoprint and water
Monoprint, acrylics
Monoprint, pastels

Lucien Freud inspired drawing
Goya inspired drawing
(drawing paper aged with coffee, charcoal)
Stephen Wiltshire inspired drawing
(ink pen, watercolors)
Finished another drawing today (07.01.2013)
Soft pencils 
close up
And finally Collage:

Can not wait to back to college tommorow,
been a long time!
See you soon,


  1. I am very impressed with your drawings you are going to be a great artist.

  2. Thanks for warm words Jenny! *embarrassed cheeks*
    Hopefully I will, love art and really enjoying this course!


Thank you for your time and your lovely comment!


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