Saturday, January 19, 2013

My journey to lose weight started!!!

Christmas and all that celebrational stuff always adds on unwanted pounds! And it happened to me again!  So I'm on my way to be fit, and this time I'm very serious! Taking no prisoners! :)
So I started my slim journey on last Wednesday, and I'm happy with results, I lost around a pound since then! happy days!
Moreover, Sofya on her blog making a team to lose some unwanted grams, so I'm definitively joining girls too, cause its much easier and happier to do it together!!!
So my plan of actions:
  • join Weight Watchers again (starting next Wednesday)
  • start to play Wii trainer again
  • go to Zumba at least once a week
And my weight for now is: (elephant song stuck in my head, honestly feel like one too!!)
My healthy breakfast, yum!
See you soon,
thanks for visiting my blog again,


  1. Алина да ты весишь меньше чем я:).Завтрак хороший.

    И если возможно размести баннер

    1. Pocty tak ze :)) Zawtrak vkusnij bil, osobenno galetty s rybkoj i ogurcom :) Banner razmescu seicas, spasibo bolsoje!


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