Monday, January 28, 2013

Box of stamps...

Back from college today and got text from my mama that a little parcel arrived for me. Went to get it and was pleasantly surprised. Finally got my box with rubber stamps inside. Was wanting it for ages, and now I have it! Very very happy!
Now be loads of pictures... :)

Box contains 70 wooden/rubber stamps (small alphabet, big alphabet, numbers and few punctuation signs stamps). Got this lovely box from Ebay for only 9 euro and free delivery from China. Happy days!
Cant wait to get ink pad tomorrow in the local shop and try them!
And here is my favorite cup ever, got it for my birthday from my sister and her boyfriend! Love it! Elvis forever! As John Lennon said before: "Before Elvis there was nothing..." Totally agree with that!
Hope everyone keeping themselves cozy and warm 
this cold evening!
Always yours,


  1. Поздравляю!Коробка хорошая,теперь ждем творений с помощью штампиков.Кружка любопытная.

  2. Spasibo! ne mogu dozdatsia, ctoby ix oprobyvat! :)


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