Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whait I'm tatting or welcome back to blog post...

Hello hello, I'm back!
Was long time since my last post! Sorry was so busy with my little one, promise I'm slowly but surely be back to blog life!
From craft side, I'm obsessed with tatting!!! Its all i do when i have a bit of spare time! Also planning to do loads of tatting, and new jewellery line is om my mind! ;)
But by now I want to share my Renulek Spring doily! I'm only on round 3. actually 4, third one was just finished! Pattern is from Renulek blog. She actually started Summer doily already, so can't wait to finish Spring one and start Summer one!

Be back very soon with more stuff to share,


Froggy xxx

1 comment:

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