Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raindrops Socks KAL Part Six Final

Finished my Raindrops socks! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Love the finished result! Definitely be knitting few more pairs :)

Going to add more pictures after the blocking. I always block socks, they \
look much nicer after that.

P.S. If you wonder how I block socks, here is the recipe:
  • I soak them in slightly warm water with few drops of fabric softener for say 15-20 min
  • Carefully squeeze excess water and wrap them with old towel (or new if you like) to get rid of rest of the water
  • Put washed socks on Sock Stretchers (my dear father kindly made me a pair)
  • Leave them to dry
  • Wear them proudly

Froggy XXX


  1. Шикарно получилось! Поздравляю с завершением носочков!

    1. Spasibo bolsoje! Ocen nraviatsia nosocky! Zdu poka vysoxnut, ne mogu dozdatsia ix odet! :)


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