Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cooking: Beef Halloween Casserole

Wasn't blogging about cooking for a while, so this post will be about cooking, as you can see from name of this post.}}}
Today I'm cooking..Tam-da-da-da...Beef Casserole, yum!

What you need:
 - Stewing beef (say about 300-400g), i just dice them in small tiny pieces
 - 1 average parsnip
 - 3-4 small carrots
 - 1 onion
 - Baby potatoes (don't know how much, i always put them last and see then how much I need)
 - Pack of 'Beef Casserole' (get in any supermarket I suppose)

How to cook:
1. Chop onions, and add them in heated casserole dish with a bit of oil 
2. When onions soft and translusent, add beef and stir for 10 min or so. Take of from fire.
3. Chop parsnip, carots and baby potatoes and add them to casserole dish too.
4. Mix your casserole mix with water (see pack) and add mixture to the dish.
5. Mix everything, cover with the lid and put in preheated oven  for about 1 1/2.
6. Put in bowls and enjoy! 

I think its perfect dish for Hallowen Dinner. You can actually add Pumpkin to the dish too!!!
My Beef Halloween Casserole
Froggy XXX

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