Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pinky Trinky Little Things Box

My working table is always a mess, so I wanted to make some box to fit all my small things (like scissors, buttons, threads, needles etc.). And when I found pattern for this box in Crochet magazine I thought to myself 'Thats the right thing for my things :))'. Two evenings and this love Pinky Trinky box was born! :)

P.S. I have loads unfinished projects, and I feel very bad for that! Cause I just love to start something new, and then leave it till better time! Know that feeling yourself? Its quite bad I know, and I was thinking really hard what to do. and.... I came to a good desicion, I made i plan for whole week!!! Yes, plan for whole week, each day just do something one, so I really hope to clean up my working table! Yay!
Heres a plan:

Monday - Knitting
Tuesday - Cross Stitching
Wednesday - Crocheting (and crochet club in the evening)
Thursday - Wool Spinning
Friday - Textiles (new technique I started to work with)
Saturday - Arts (painting with oils and drawing)
Sunday - Relax day :)))

Happy crafting,

Always yours, always Froggy XXX


  1. Очень классная коробочка!) А главное удобная)
    У тебя насыщенный график получился)))

  2. Шкатулочка просто прелесть! Красивая и удобная, мне Очень нравится.
    Алина, глядя на твой план, я просто завидую твоему творческому разнообразию! Ты еще и рисуешь? :)

  3. Thanks Natali!

    Spasibo Lionne!

    Spasibo Airin! ... A ja ese na mashinke shyt umeju..:)) Da zanimajus vsem ponemnozku, a risovat ocen liubliu, osobenno maslom!

  4. Алина, привет, загляни ко мне за наградками :)


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