Friday, December 3, 2010

Cozy green teapot warmer and cup warmer

Brrrrrr..... Its winter time, we got loads of snow and its very cold outside. And i decided to make cozy warmers...yes.. for my cup and my tea pot. I love tea so much(especially green tea with flowers petals and fruit peaces), and always wanted something nice and cosy, to keep my tea warm. So made that lovely complect for my tea things :) Really like the color (green is my favorite color!!!) :)
And here is the free pattern of tea pot cozy! Make yourself one, its so easy and fast!
My nice big tea pot with green jacket:

And my favorite cup with vest:

Its only few weeks left till Xmas, wooo! Wish everyone easy preparations and lovely presents from Santa! Make sure you send all your wish lists to him in time!

Happy crafting everyone,

Froggy XXX


  1. wow they are so flippin cute, lovin the pink button. Thats it im comin round for tea!!

  2. Алина! Весело и очень уютно!

  3. Ух ты, какой классный весёлый клмплектик! От одного только вида становится теплее!

  4. Thanx Sinead, you always welcome for tea sista!

    Spasibo Olga, caj dolgo teplo soxraniajet!

    Spasibo Maria, teplo nuzno, u nas xolodno stalo ocen, a goriacij caj samoje to!

  5. абалдеть!!!!!! супер!!!!!

  6. what a fabulous idea:))..... I found your blog through škatulka ... and I just love it!! ...
    greeting from croatia:)).....

  7. Thank you very much Mare! Nice to see you here, you are more than welcome! Im very glad that you like my blog!


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