Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nimue - Poussiere de Fee - Progress

Busy busy stitching. And here is my progress of Nimue fairy. What can i say? Joy in every stitch!

Happy stitching,

Froggy XXX


  1. Алина, прогресс существенный! А какая "пыль" и юбочка воздушно-невесомые! Чудо! :)

  2. Алина, феечка красивая получается, волшебная!

  3. Such beautiful needlework ~ and your Christmas bunnies are adorable!

  4. Beautiful needlework, very pretty!!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season and blessings in the coming hobby seems to be limited to knitting right now at this time in my life - I do plan to learn to play a Beatle song on the piano in, I don't play the piano at all right now, but I do think I should be able to play at least one before my life is over:)

  5. Spasibo Katia i Vasilina! Xociu bistrej zakoncyt, da vsio nikak nepolucajetsia!

    Thankies! I really like your knitting stuff too, sooo inspirational!

    Thanx! Happy Crimbo to you too! Hope all your wishes come true next year! And best of luck with the piano! :)


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