Monday, January 10, 2011

Scarf for Cillian

Made this litl scarf for my son Cillian! It will keep him cozy and warm. And by the way, hes 4 months old already! :)

Have more stuff to show soon, keep on visiting my blog :)
And I found new hobby, waiting for supplies to arrive. Gona share soon, its a suprise :)

Froggy XXX
P.S. And heres Cillian, happy out with new scarf! :}


  1. Thanx sista! Cillian loves it too! :)

  2. its the best photo ever, i now have a pain in my face cos ive been smiling since i seen it :D Can't wait to see the new hobby. Off to do my homework now for Wednesday (",)

  3. Good good sista! I cant wait to tell ya about my new hobby! Gona be deadly!!!

  4. Какой хорошенький у тебя сынок, Алина! Кстати, его имя читается как Силлиан, или я ошибаюсь? Ну улыбается он от души, сразу видно, что обновкой доволен :)))
    Про новое хобби мне тоже интересно узнать.

    P.S. What does it mean sista??? Просветите меня, глупую :)))

  5. Spasibki Airin! Imia citajetsia kak Kilian, to est 'c' citajetsia kak 'k'. Sista oznacajet sister, to est sestra. Ja kak nacala zyt v Irlandiji, u menia pojavilis irlandskije podrugy - a 'siostrami' my drug druga liubia nazyvajem. :)
    A nasciot novogo hobby, to ne mogu dozdatsia kogda fsio polucu (ja zakazala cerez Ebay). Togda pokazu i raskazu,a poka eto surpriz. :) Zaxodyte v gosty!

  6. А-а-а, теперь понятно, и и про имя, и про сестру :)))


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