Monday, December 17, 2012

My drawings for Brief

Finally took my camera today to college to make few pictures of my drawings I did so far. Ones are better than others, and also I used different medias on them.
But first heres is my object (I think it's nutmeg, or how I called it today - Musk nut :)))))

More pictures here...

My drawing pieces:
Bamboo stick + charcoal


Bamboo again with charcoal


charcoal with rubber and white chalk

charcoal, sanguine, brown and white chalk


monoprint with charcoal

pastels on sewed together paper

monoprint + white chalk

My favorite piece so far, I used stitching, gold and silver inks, pastels,
oil pastels, charcoal, chalks

chalks, sanguine, charcoal

color inks, black ink and a bit of black marker

Thats all I have for now, have a few more ideas in my head, so going to realize them in the next few
days, so hopefully back with more pictures,
stay tuned, thanks for attention who made to the end of the post... :)

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